What Is GardenReviewster?

Gardening has experienced an unexpected boom over the past few decades. Baby boomers and millennials alike spend their past time digging in their yard, cultivating flowers and plants, and growing fresh fruit and vegetables.

But every homeowner knows that creating and maintaining a beautiful garden is a full-time job. While most people enjoy the time they spend outdoors, working in their garden, there comes a point when it all feels like a little too much, like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

That’s what we’re here for

Our aim at GardenReviewster is to help you find the gadgets you need to make your garden work less strenuous and more fun. We share in-depth tips and reviews to help you pick the right lawn mower, sprinkler or even an inflatable pool for your budget and needs.


Our website runs on the small commissions we receive if you make a purchase through one of our affiliate links. The money you spend will be directly responsible for helping us maintain this website and continue to offer you fresh, thoroughly-researched, and most-importantly authentic product recommendations.

dean allen

Dean Allen


Dean lives in Utah with his wife and two daughters. While he is responsible for maintaining their lush, green lawn, his wife Emma is growing the flowers, turning their garden into an explosion of colors every year. Dean loves to experiment with woodwork and has just finished building an outdoor couch with pallets.

eric byrne

Eric Byrne


Eric is a retired manager of one of Utah’s largest garden centers. He has a great love and appreciation for the natural world and spends his days hosting barbecues and garden parties for his family and neighbors.