The Best Ice Scrapers (2021 Reviews)

We’re quickly getting into that time of year when the snow begins to fall for most of us, and that means the typical problems. We’re talking about slick streets, people who can’t seem to remember how to drive in snow, and having to deal with ice that collects on the windshield almost any time you park for a few hours.

And when you encounter such problems, you’ll need an ice scraper, and you’ll want the best ice scraper that you can get.

When looking for an ice scraper for car use, you’re going to want to look at a few things. You’re going to care about the size of the actual scraper, about the way that it’s designed, and of course, you’ll care about how long the handle is. That being the case, it can be hard to find the perfect ice scraper, but we’re certainly going to try.

4 Of The Best Ice Scrapers For 2021

Before getting into an in-depth description of the ice scrapers reviewed, let’s first take a look at the general details concerning such scrapers. Here’s a quick breakdown in a tabular form for those interested.

Ice ScraperScraper Width (in)
Overall Length (in)
Snow Moover 58 Extendable Snow Brush (Second Pick!)12 for squeegee, 4 for scraper38.5 to 58 (extendable)
Hopkins 532 Mallory 26”526
Hopkins Subzero 166214.511
Primary Automotive Ice Scraper (First Pick!)410

Now that we’ve gotten a good feel for the products that we are going to be looking at, let’s begin to look at the specific products that we reviewed.

Snow Moover 58 Extendable Snow Brush – The Long One

Do you have a vehicle with a large window or one that can not be easily reached, something like an SUV (or a Humvee), something that requires a lot of effort to get up to?

If so, this is a great ice scraper for you, and it comes with some other goodies as well.

To begin with, it extends to almost five feet long (58 inches in total length), and even before it is extended, it is a good length, clocking in at 38.5 inches long. This means that, even before you extend it out, you are going to have a decent amount of reach to your ice scraper, and that also means it’s great for anyone, no matter how short you are or how tall your vehicle may be.

It also means that you will be able to clear the entire driver-side of the window without much effort.

It also comes with a squeegee and a snow brush, which is good for those of you who are dealing with a lot of snow that is stuck to your windshield, which doesn’t require the ice scraper at all.

The squeegee gets off the last of the snow and the water (so you don’t have streaks on your windshield) while the scraper helps with the ice that might form.

As expected, you’re roof collects an ice too and you’re not tall enough to clean it. Good thing we have a list of the best roof rake. Check this out!

What We Liked

  • Very long overall length
  • Includes a snow brush and a squeegee for cleaning up your windshield
  • Easy to use, and the squeegee and snow brush are both very wide

What We Didn’t Like

  • The scraper could be wider

Hopkins 532 Mallory 26” – The Mid-Range Model

This Hopkins ice scraper is a great mid-range ice scraper that also brings along a snow brush. Believe it or not, if you’re looking to make sure that your car will be ice and snow free, that’s literally all you really need.

Now, to be sure, this ice scraper tends to sell (at least around here), but it’s not as long or as high-quality as the one that you can get up above.

However, these are fairly utilitarian objects, and they don’t require that you have a lot of lengths or anything like that, and you really only need the scraper, the brush, and a good grip; all things that this Hopkins ice scraper offers you.

The whole thing is 26 inches long, which is two feet and change.

They’re easy to find pretty much anywhere, and they work well.

So, if you are looking for a decently-priced mid-length ice scraper with a snow brush, this is a good one for you to look into.

What We Liked

  • 26 inches in overall length
  • Includes a snow brush
  • Foam grip for better comfort

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not as long as the Snow Moover 58 extendable

Hopkins Subzero 16621 – The Small One

If you are looking for an ice scraper that you can hide in the door pockets of your car or one that you can carry pretty much anywhere you go with no hassle, then the Hopkins Subzero 16621 is the right choice for you.

It is a no-nonsense, no-frills option that will do everything that you need it to do, and fits almost anywhere.

The piece on the back is an ice crusher, which is used to make a chip that you can utilize to actually be able to chip away at the rest of the ice.

On the front, of course, is the ice scraper, which does precisely what you would think it does.

The whole thing is brought together by the fact that it has a comfortable foam grip, and that makes it easier and a bit more comfortable to chip away at the ice.

A good buy, all things considered.

What We Liked

  • Less than a foot long, so it’ll fit anywhere
  • Includes ice crusher
  • Foam grip for comfort

What We Didn’t Like

  • Could be longer and the scraper could be a bit wider

Primary Automotive Ice Scraper – The Mobile Answer

Finally, we come to the Primary Automotive ice scraper, and let me tell you, this is one that is pretty nice. It’s basically an even smaller version of the Hopkins Subzero, with a slightly more comfortable handle and a nice little carrying case.

Why does the carrying case matter? Well, believe it or not, you are going to find that when you use these things, they are going to have snow on them, and if you leave them in the car, then the snow drips everywhere as it melts off your ice scraper.

This ice scraper solves that problem handily.

It’s a great solution for the person on the go, or for anyone who flies a lot to snowy areas.

What We Liked

  • Very short and portable
  • Fits into a waterproof bag
  • Foam grip for comfort

What We Didn’t Like

  • A lot shorter than other offerings reviewed
  • Color makes it easy to lose it

Choosing The Right Ice Scraper For You

Now that we’ve looked at the offerings, let’s talk about one common question that people have when they look for an ice scraper.

Which Ice Scraper Is Right For Me?

This is entirely situational. If you’re a tall guy with a long reach, you can get by with the ‘Best Ice Scraper’.

If you’re shorter and you don’t have such a reach, you may want the ‘Snow Moover’, even if you don’t own a truck or SUV with a large front windshield.

On the other hand, if you’re spending a lot of time traveling, maybe flying to places with a lot of snow, and then renting a car, then you’ll be happier with something like the ‘Best Ice Scraper’, which has a nice little carrying case that means you won’t get slush and snow and water (and honestly, snow gets pretty dirty, so dirt as well) everywhere in your luggage.

The point is that you need to pick the right piece of equipment for your uses and your car.


Now it is time to announce the winners.

The first winner is the ‘take-anywhere’ model, and that award goes to the Primary Automotive Ice Scraper. This is a fabulous ice scraper for you to take literally anywhere you’re going, even if you are often traveling, and it will help you to keep your car and bags clean.

It works well, too.

But the best overall, of course, is the Snow Moover 58 Extendable Snow Brush. This thing extends out to 58 inches, and even better, it has a snow brush and squeegee as well as the ice scraper.

Keep this in mind when you are looking to make sure that you will be able to keep that ice off your windshield and be sure to keep safe driving.

Now that you’ve read the best ice scraper, take time to read the best snow shovel. This will help you to clean the snow off of your driveway or walkway (or both) at some point.

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Jimmy is the lead writer here on Garden Reviewster. He works part-time at his local Lowe's store while writing and editing on the side. With his 8+ years of experience working with garden equipment, his skill set is an excellent match for the site.

Jimmy is the lead writer here on Garden Reviewster. He works part-time at his local Lowe's store while writing and editing on the side. With his 8+ years of experience working with garden equipment, his skill set is an excellent match for the site.