The Best Screw Guns (2021 Reviews)

If you’ve ever wanted to drive screws with utmost speed and precision, you should seriously get a screw gun. Built for one specific purpose, screw guns save you valuable time in driving screws.

Instead of manually holding a screw and getting a conventional screwdriver to assemble furniture and installing other things, this tool eases the process.

So if you constantly have tasks involving screws, you should invest in the best screw gun. We know that there are many brands to choose from with their own selection of screw guns, so we’ve made it our mission to pick the best of them all.

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5 Of The Best Screw Guns For 2021 Reviewed

A screw gun needs to perform its sole purpose well. Along with this, such a tool needs to be durable and reliable enough to be used for a long time. With that in mind, we’ve compiled five of the most impressive screw guns available in the market.

Screw GunItem WeightPower Source 
BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C1.1 lbsBattery-powered
Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT3 lbsBattery-powered
DeWalt DCF620B MAX XR2.4 lbsBattery-powered
Worx WX252L XTD1.1 lbsBattery-powered
DeWalt DW255 (Editor's Pick!)2.9 lbsCorded-electric

As you can see, nearly all of them are battery-powered screw guns, with only the last product being the corded-electric type. Still, all our chosen power tools are incredibly light.

To understand why each of them was included in this list of the best screw guns for 2021, check out the individual reviews right below!

BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C – Lightweight Yet Impressive Screw Gun

BLACK+DECKER is no stranger when it comes to building power tools, and we are not surprised that they also created a remarkable and lightweight screw gun.

At just 1.1 pounds, the BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C is the lightest screw gun that packs quite a bunch that could also go under as the best cordless drill of 2021.

In order to accomplish several household tasks, this tool has a compact design combined with an inline grip. Thus, it’s both comfortable to hold and small enough to reach narrow sections.

Likewise, this screw gun was designed by BLACK+DECKER to be compatible with all of the attachments to be developed by the company in the future.

It has an RPM of 180 and a commendable 35 inch-pounds of torque. The BDCS20C screw gun is packaged along with a charger and two screw-driving bits. Specifically, this tool has a flathead and a Phillips screw head. If there are any defects, you have a 2-year limited warranty on both labor and parts.

Despite its small appearance, the BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C readily drives screws in. The fact that it’s compactly designed means we didn’t have to spend so much time trying to fit into small spaces.

Similarly, customizing one’s gaming rig becomes much easier with the help of this screw gun. It reaches the peskiest corners of a high-end desktop computer that needs screwing and unscrewing. We accidentally dropped this tool several times, but it proved durable enough to continue functioning.

Of course, the BDCS20C is more generally sought for assembling pieces of furniture. In that department, we guarantee that it works well for predrilled holes. We also didn’t feel tired holding the screw gun due to the angled design.

Both the power and the speed are simple to manage.

Yes, the 180 RPM isn’t exactly the fastest among all screw guns, but it’s speedy enough to get the job done. It has three speed settings: neutral, clockwise, and counterclockwise. Unless the screws are extremely fitted in, this screw gun shouldn’t have much of a problem taking them out.

All in all, the BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C is a fantastic little screw gun that might just be the best cordless drywall screw gun of 2021. While it is indeed the lightest tool here, it has enough power and durability to handle light activities. It’s not capable of making predrilled holes, but you can rely on it to drive most screws in.

Plus, its compact size gives it more flexibility than its competitors.

What We Liked

  • Lightest screw gun with sufficient power and durability
  • Compact design for reaching narrow places
  • Inline grip for added comfort
  • 180 RPM enough for usual operations

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty operations

Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT – Speedy and Powerful Screw Gun

In the running for the best cordless screw gun, we have the Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT. With its sturdy appearance and intriguing design, this screw gun instantly caught our attention.

The Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT screw gun is meant to be a wholly innovative screw gun for those who conduct drywalling on a regular basis. Likewise, the power tool is built for metal framing and decking, among others. This is precisely why the Makita screw gun has an RPM going as high as 4,000 RPM.

Of course, we did mention the Makita screw gun’s sturdy look, and we can confirm that it’s seriously tough. It managed to decrease weight while staying tough through having a cast aluminum gear housing.

The brand utilizes Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) not only for increased durability but also for greater resistance to both dust and water.

Featuring the Makita BL Brushless Motor, this power tool promises a lengthy running time combined with impressive speed and force.

Still, these enhancements of the Makita screw gun do not make it a noisy tool. In fact, it’s made to keep operations as quiet as possible while also being energy efficient with the use of batteries.

In particular, this electronically-managed motor keeps the things running cool to prolong the battery life – as much as a 50 percent increase in runtime with every charge.

Other nifty features of the Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT power tool include energy-saving Push Drive Technology, which essentially keeps the motor stopped until the fastener has been properly attached.

A LED light provides extra lighting while a 3-level LED gauge provides battery charge information.

In addition, the Rapid Optimum Charger optimizes battery charging by managing the current, temperature, and even the voltage. If that wasn’t enough, Makita also included the Star Protection Computer Controls, which serve to stop the screw gun from experience any sort of overloading and heating issues.

As Makita proudly advertised, we do have to admit that the XSF03Z 18V LXT is an incredible screw gun for drywall contractors. It places in screws with the right depth, and operations are both fast and powerful. Even when we had to do a lot the same day, the lightweight form of this screw gun kept us going. Not to mention, there are belt hooks for easy accessibility.

It has a remarkable grip, and we can’t really complain about the 4,000 max RPM. Most importantly, the screws were driven in without creating much noise. The only minor hiccup is that taking out the screws aren’t as quick as driving them in – all because the Makita XSF03Z 18 LXT does not engage unless there is forward pressure applied. Still, it’s uncommon to have to do this, since the screw gun assures you’ll be driving screws in quickly and precisely.

What We Liked

  • Extreme Protection Technology for added durability and resistance
  • Makita BL Brushless Motor delivers both speed and power
  • Star Protection Computer Controls prevent overloading and overheating
  • Works relatively quietly with utmost precision

What We Didn’t Like

  • Taking out screws is not easy to do

DeWalt DCF620B MAX XR – Screw Gun with Great Depth Adjustment

What would this list featuring the best cordless drills of 2021 be without a tool from DeWalt? The well-respected brand released the DeWalt DCF620B MAX XR in hopes of balancing speed, power, and smart design.

The cordless DeWalt DCF620B MAX XR screw gun goes further with a maximum of 4,400 RPM. The company also gave it a high torque capability to allow the screw gun to accomplish a variety of operations.

In line with this, the shape and build of the DeWalt DCF620B are meant to lessen fatigue while also improving runtime regardless of the job.

This screw gun also uses a brushless motor to optimize runtime.

On a related note, the Li-Ion battery here includes a fuel gauge and offers a third more in capacity compared to the average packs. To enhance portability, a belt hook is included.

If you find any problems with this screw gun, DeWalt offers a 90-day money-back guarantee aside from a one-year free service and a limited warranty lasting three years.

A definite strength of the DeWalt DCF620B is that it has an amazing battery life. The fact that this is cordless meant that we could move around our home fixing and renovate rooms without pulling cords.

Likewise, we really felt the relative lightness of this screw gun, and the belt hook proved to be useful for carrying it around. If you’re thinking of hanging drywall, this is a fantastic cordless screw gun. We also recommend this for dealing with barricades, which many corded variants have a hard time with.

The inclusion of a LED light is also very much appreciated since there are dark corners that need illumination.

The DeWalt DCF620B does the job significantly quicker compared to the usual screw guns. Even using a 5-amp battery is enough for this tool to last for 12 hours. Depth adjustment is superb here, and there’s nothing much to ask for other than for the DeWalt DCF620B to be fantastic for dealing with huge screws.

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What We Liked

  • Decent battery life
  • Belt hook for added portability
  • Performs quickly thanks to the brushless motor
  • LED light helps illuminate dark areas

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not meant for significantly big screws

Worx WX252L XTD – Flexible and Compact Screw Gun

Our fourth entry for the best screw gun is the XTD Xtended Reach Driver from Worx. This was developed to be a strong yet compact and flexible screw gun.

The first thing we noticed is the offset design of the Worx WX252L XTD that is combined with a built-in driver extension. This screw gun also displays a compact design.

In fact, at just 1.1 pounds in weight, it’s one of the lightest screw guns in our review.

The patented shaft is pretty adjustable with its 10 stopping point spaced between two inches. As for reaching pesky corners, the offset shaft of the Worx XTD Xtended Reach Driver can deal with them. Thanks to the length of the shaft, this screw gun ideally gets better control and precision compared to the competition.

The Worx WX252L XTD is powered by a 4V Max lithium battery that has a charge capable of lasting for a full year and a half. In relation to this, Worx was clever enough to include a battery indicator so you’ll know when it finally needs a charge.

Just like the other screw guns, this Worx product features a LED light to provide extra vision in dark areas. If you’re worried about the WX252L XTD not being compatible with your bits, take note that it works with eight of the most used screwdriver bits.

In fact, it’s even compatible with quarter-inch hex bits.

Lastly, Worx included a three-year warranty on this screw gun to assure you they will provide you with assistance for quite some time.

This screw gun from Worx might be compact and light, but it can stands on its own against the bulky and heavy-duty variants. Using the WX252L XTD for managing switches, outlets, and even wall boxes was a breeze due to the precision and surprisingly powerful performance.

The car owners of our group found this to be incredibly useful too, especially for dealing with auto interiors and belly pans. The LED light isn’t exactly the brightest of the bunch nor does it help all the time, but it shows its value when there are dark and cramped areas.

Charging the battery is pretty fast, and we don’t mind it when it runs out since we’re already done with the operation by the time it’s been emptied.

We also give plus points for the telescoping head that helped us assemble pieces of furniture with ease. Instead of loosening and putting in screws by hand, a lot of time can be saved by the Worx WX252L XTD screw gun.

What We Liked

  • 4V Max Lithium battery charges quickly
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Adjustable shaft adds flexibility
  • Battery indicator

What We Didn’t Like

  • LED light could be brighter

DeWalt DW255 – Incredibly Powerful and Durable Screw Gun

Last but definitely not the least, we have the DW255 High-Speed VSR Drywall Screw Gun from none other than the major power tool brand DeWalt.

Manufactured in the United States, the DeWalt DW255 has a stunning RPM of 5,300, and it’s meant to be the best drywall screw gun of 2021.

It is made up of helical-cut steel and steel gears that ensure a long lifespan regardless of the constant usage. With such high-quality materials, the DW255 is guaranteed to be durable. These materials also made the product nearly three pounds in weight, but that’s not heavy at all.

In order to further the idea of being the perfect screw gun, the company made sure that this power tool has impressive depth sensitivity to effectively handle the fastener depth.

There’s even a rubber grip to prevent accidental slips while handling the DW255. Likewise, the two-finger trigger provides a simple way to control the power tool.

Of course, owners are guaranteed a one-year warranty and a 30-day trial.

Well, we were mightily impressed by the incredible speed of this screw gun. The 5,300 RPM meant that no amount of work would be tiresome at such a high speed. Screwing drywalls becomes a breeze with the DeWalt DW255 High-Speed VSR Drywall Screw Gun.

The adjustment settings helped keep our operations accurate. We tightened the screws in with the desired depth all the time. It did take some time to be familiar with the settings, but learning definitely paid off. Get the right setting, and you’ll be done in no sweat.

If you will hang numerous amounts of drywall, you cannot go wrong with the DeWalt DW255 screw gun.

Take in mind that screwing down a sheet about 15 feet in length took less than five minutes. That is nothing short of impressive. If you will be installing some Sheetrock, you can rely on this DeWalt screw gun.

All that’s really needed is knowing the appropriate depth gauge and finding the right angle to drill the screws in.

While it does give off professional results, we also have to mark that beginners may need to spend more time before thoroughly utilizing the prowess of the DeWalt DW255.

Aside from that, you have the best corded screw gun that will last you many, many years.

What We Liked

  • Extreme durability due to steel construction
  • Amazing depth sensitivity
  • 5,300 RPM for speedy operations
  • Rubber grip and two-finger trigger

What We Didn’t Like

  • Takes some time getting familiar with


In the end, we think that the DeWalt DW255 is the best among all of them. Yes, it’s nearly three pounds, but that’s because it’s a ridiculously sturdy power too due to the steel construction.

Furthermore, the DeWalt DW255 is the best screw gun because it works particularly well.

The 5,300 RPM combined with the adjustable settings and depth sensitivity makes operations powerful, quick, and precise. Once you find the right settings and angles, you’ll be completing your job in no time.

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Jimmy is the lead writer here on Garden Reviewster. He works part-time at his local Lowe's store while writing and editing on the side. With his 8+ years of experience working with garden equipment, his skill set is an excellent match for the site.